Tuesday , 24 April 2018

AT&T Employee Disaster Relief Fund- for those who are affected by the recent fires

AT&T Employee Disaster Relief Fund
A natural disaster can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time with little to no warning. And a devastating event like a tornado, flood or fire can leave those affected with financial and emotional burdens.

One way we can support our fellow employees when they’re struck by a natural disaster is through the AT&T Employee Disaster Relief Fund (EDRF). Employees impacted by a qualified disaster can apply to the EDRF to get financial assistance for food, clothing, physical and mental health care, housing, transportation and other basic needs on the road to recovery.

The EDRF is a fund financially supported by employees for employees. AT&T will also match dollar for dollar all contributions made by employees to the fund.

Since its inception, the EDRF has been available for 39 federally declared disasters. And it has provided aide to over 2,500 employees. In 2017 alone, the EDRF has already helped over 1,500 employees and their families get back on their feet. The more than $2.7M granted since 2011 would not be possible without the generous support of thousands of employees across the country.

To learn more about the the EDRF and how you can support your fellow employees, click here. To apply for EDRF assistance, click here.

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